Sirius Technology Group provides a powerful F&I sales reporting application to its member subscribers. Dealerships across the country have long expressed a desire to quickly and accurately review the sales penetrations and profitability of their F&I departments. Until now, they relied on manual logging systems, spreadsheets, and standard vendor-developed reports. Although these systems eventually provided the information, it has often been a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Additional analysis was almost impossible, until now!

The F&I Reporting System from Sirius provides quick, accurate, and meaningful F&I reports through a secure, web-accessed application. Using an innovative system design and modern technology, Sirius is able to provide sales reports on every aspect of the F&I department. The reports are available for yesterday's business, month-to-date sales, year-to-date sales, and any prior date, month, or year of data resident on the system.

In addition to the standard summary reports for an individual dealership, Sirius provides the capability to review additional summary reports by finance manager, sales manager, lender, manufacturer, and customer age bracket. Month-by-month trend reports are a standard feature! Detail finance logs are also available for each of those same categories. All of these reports can be produced for any given date, month, or year!

Group analysis of multiple dealerships is also available. This option allows groups of dealerships to compare sales and penetration results for any given period of time. Standard group reports provide the capability to compare dealerships, or consolidate and view results by manufacturer, lender, customer age bracket, or dealership location.

Many dealerships have established a data partnership that automatically provides Sirius with limited deal data from their dealership management system on a daily basis. This data is stored on secured servers and is accessible only to designated dealership user/representatives through a Sirius security system. Others prefer to use the simple Sirius input page.

This comprehensive, flexible, and dynamic reporting process provides the drill-down capability that dealerships have been desiring for years! It is now available for you once you have registered.

To give you an idea what the reporting system is like we have an F&I Reporting Demo that you can use.

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